Few companies can claim that their heritage in jewellery spans over a century – but at Culet Jewellery, we can do exactly that.

For us, jewellery is a family pursuit – one that started with our great-great-grandfather and has continued for five generations.

130 years ago in Amsterdam, Hendrik Casper Boom decided to go into the diamond business. He registered as a diamond polisher on the 21st of July, 1887. What led the young man to hedge his bets on the diamond business is unknown, since his father was a baker specialising in rye bread. But with his bet, Hendrik Casper Boom started a tradition of craftsmen that would continue for generations.

Fast forward to post-war Amsterdam, where a young diamond cutter, Hendrika Krumfuss, meets diamond polisher Henk Pas. The two fall in love, and a marriage; three children, and a jewellery company follow.

Three generations later, their legacy lives on in the form of Culet Jewellery.

Culet’s heritage of fine jewellery is one that echoes through the hallways of Amsterdam’s old Diamond exchange – and Antwerp’s diamond quarter.

Culet is our mother, our grandmother, our grandfather – our great grandparents, and all the generations before.

Through generations of experience, we understand quality.

Culet stands for classic, timeless beauty, using the highest quality materials, handcrafted or handfinished.

“We only use real, solid 14k and 18k gold and precious stones in our jewellery – never silver or gold plating, no fake gemstones.”


Above anything else, quality is what we focus on at Culet Jewellery. We want to create beautiful, wearable jewellery that will be with you for a lifetime.

For this reason, we only use real, solid 14k and 18k gold and precious stones in our jewellery – never silver or gold plating, no fake gemstones.

Our family history, love for the city of Amsterdam, and relationship as sisters inspire us to create collections that will be loved by women worldwide.

Mixing the latest trends with classic designs, our collections set out to bring you jewellery that is beautiful, fun, and wearable. Whether you wear an item by itself, or layer them – Culet Jewellery will add flair to your outfit and make you feel like a million bucks.

Culet Jewellery can be found at selected jewellers, and is available online through our website. For more information, view our stores.