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To make sure that your jewellery stays as beautiful as the day you first wore your item, please have a look at our jewellery care instructions.

Caring for your items

  • Gold, diamond and gemstones can be scratched, chipped or damaged so please exercise caution when wearing your items
  • Settings can become loose over time and gemstones can fall out. We recommend that you have your items checked over by a jewellery or in a Culet store once a year to prevent this from happening
  • We advise that you take off your jewellery when showering, during heavy exercise, or go swimming
  • Please ensure you do not apply creams, make-up and perfume whilst wearing your jewellery
  • Protect your jewellery from extreme temperatures
  • Do not wear your jewellery when handling harsh cleaning products or other chemicals or corrosive substances

Cleaning your items

  • Do not clean your items with corrosive cleaning materials, harsh chemicals, or materials that may scratch your items (such tissue paper, kitchen towel)
  • Polish your items gently with a dry soft polishing cloth intended for this purpose
  • Some jewellers offer a specialised jewellery cleaning service

Storing your items

  • We recommend that your store your item in the original packaging you received it in, or another softly lined pouch or jewellery box
  • Store items separately where possible to prevent scratching, especially when travelling